1) Musical Heritage (Education/ Science / Art)

  • Musical Heritage in Istanbul (Education/ Science / Art)
  • Musical Heritage in Anatolia (Education/ Science / Art)
  • Musical Heritage in the Turkic World (Education/ Science / Art)
  • Musical Heritage in World (Education/ Science / Art)

Special sub-themes for interdisciplinary presentations:
For Historical Musical Legacy

  • Archeology, Art History, Architecture
  • Musical Heritage in Old Anatolia ( Old East – Old West )
  • Musical Heritage in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
  • Musical Heritage  in Ancient Turks and Turkish World
  • Cultural Heritage from Ottoman to Republic

Within the context of regional relations with the East and the West;

  • Multidimensional studies, works and researches carried out during the course of heritage dimensioning
  • Interdisciplinary multi-faceted studies and researches
  • Music archiving
  • National Cultural Policies for the Protection of Musical Heritage
  • Digitalization in order to Protect Musical Heritage
  • Conveying Non-Concrete Cultural Heritage

2)       Perception, Implementation, and Assessment of Music Education and Music Culture with an Istanbul and/or World Perspective under the Light of Current Developments.

  • Multi-faceted studies, works, and researches that have been carried out

3)      The Contributions of Music Education, Music Culture, and the Art of Music to the Musical Heritage in Istanbul and/or Across the World.

  • Creating Cultural Awareness through Education