Vedat Sakman, singer, songwriter and musician, celebrated the 50th year of his career in 2015. He was intensely into music starting from very early ages with the indisputable influence of his father, Mazhar Sakman, who was a master of traditional Turkish instruments such as “bağlama” and “yaylı tambur”.

He started a professional carrier around the high school years as a drummer and then became a guitar player. He was a member of the band called “Grup Doğuş” for 12 years in 70s. After a lot of experiences on TV ad teasers, soundtracks, album productions and writing songs for the popular music members of the age, including outstanding woman vocals such as Hümeyra, Zuhal Olcay and Leman Sam, he eventually recorded his first solo album called “Müzisyen” in 1988.

The lyrics of first song (“Müzisyen”/”Musician”) of the first solo album clearly state his point of view as an artist, where he says “musician / no interest in money or fame / captured with melodies / and in love”. Holding on to this point of view as a life style, after almost three decades from those lyrics, eight other solo albums, many other productions for theatre and TV and countless stage performances, Vedat Sakman, today, has a very modest life style, never gives up producing new songs and says that “songs are not to be sold”. He is always in favour of change almost in every other matter in life. He continuously writes new songs, always improves himself and his music and always moves forward. All the music and all the notes he wrote are available on his web page at the address in his hand writing.

He writes lyrics and music in a very wide range of themes from love, romantic relationships, mass movements, life itself to deeper personal feelings, human psychology, nature etc. He deals with complicated human emotions in his lyrics, sometimes uses metaphorical elements, e.g. the song “Kapılar” (Doors) to express being possessed by a dark phase in life. Another song “Yüreğim Var” (“I have a heart” lyrics by Mehmet Teoman, composed by Vedat Sakman) deals with some incidents which had traumatic influences on society and reveals a certain way of stand against those incidents.

In a broader sense, his artistic approach is universal. He does not take the music as an only element for an artistic expression. Having the music as the focal point, he combines other forms of art such as literature and poem together. He composes music to poetry of world-famous poets, such as William Shakespeare, Rainer Maria Rilke, Füruğ Ferruhzad, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ömer Hayyam, Nazım Hikmet Ran and other local poets like Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan, Atilla İlhan and Behçet Necatigil.

Vedat Sakman’ s new album “Nar Çiçekleri” ( released in March 2019. He performs live on stage every Friday and Saturday at his own club “Sakman Konak” ( in Kadıköy, Bahariye area, with his band called “Grup Art Niyet” formed of very sophisticated and talented musicians.