Istanbul University OMAR

The Music of the Ottoman Era Performance and Research Center (OMAR) was officially founded in 23rd January 2012, under the roof of Istanbul University, to conduct academic and collective research on the fields of education, performance and exploration regarding Turkish music. The fundamental extent of the research is to explore and classify works on Ottoman music history, through a scientific perspective and to make the collection of works effortlessly available in printed and digital media. In this regard, the exploration process gain speed with the official start of the Turkish Historical Music Research and Multimedia Archive Project (OMARŞİV) in March 2007, a sustainable project upheld by Turkish Ministry of Development, and missing audial and printed works of exceedingly significance in musicological respect, started to be published. Furthermore, Turkish Music Performance Ensemble (İcra Heyeti) who performs OMAR’s academic research, is an important institution in Turkish musical history, with the participation of precious conductors and artists from past to present, and today with the participation of academics, proceeds to its studies under the conductorship of Gönül Paçacı Tunçay. Various rare manuscripts in Ottoman Turkish, especially the ones found in the musical score collection in the Generale Directorate of State Archives of the Prime Ministry, are performed here.

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