Prof. Dr. Uğur ALPAGUT
Conference Chair,
ISME Istanbul 2019 Legacy Conference
ISME Board Member and Turkic World Representative in ISME
Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University – Bolu / TÜRKİYE

ISME Istanbul 2019 Legacy Conference” is regarded is the second important step and event ISME will be holding following the 33rd ISME Baku World Conference (2018), the global event embracing the Turkic World.

Following the extraordinarily successful gathering in Baku, knitting the world and the Turkic World together, conveying such significant developments to the rest of the world at new platforms and converting them to permanent values brings about important responsibilities for the Turkic World, and the Music Professionals across the world.

During the course of this process which has flourished under ISME’s leaderships, the objectives include, a new and rich cultural geography getting to know ISME on one hand, and the musical/cultural riches in this geography creating awareness and leaving permanent traces throughout the world.

Thus, ISME will find the opportunity to convey the gains of humanity, and thanks to the boundless cultural, artistic, and educatory roles of music, it will find the chance to convey the importance of peace, brotherhood, and sharing, and bolster the superior musical aspects of humanity.

Up until now, ISME Board of Directors, TÜRKSOY (International Turkic Culture Organization), Turkey representative of ISME, MÜZED (Music Educator’s Society of Türkiye), Baku Music Academy, National Conservatory of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education have contributed to the relevant efforts, and the contribution of other equivalent entities in Turkey are expected for the upcoming conference.

The joint wish is to implement the Turkic World Music Conferences system in order to bring together the Turkish Music Education system with the common efforts across the Turkic World through TÜRKMEB (Turkic World Music Education Association), founded in 2015 with the contributions by TÜRKSOY, and aspiring to attain a legal entity at the earliest opportunity and to spread its activities within the Turkic World in a more effective manner.   

The most important steps for these activities have been taken with the attendance of the relevant parties at the “TÜRKMEB” panel within the “Turkic Session” held for the first time in its history during the course of the 33rd ISME Baku World Conference. ISME had direct and positive contributions for all these activities, and during the coordination meetings held at the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture  in terms of generating ideas and motivating.

Thanks to ISME, a special importance is placed in the “ISME Istanbul 2019 Legacy Conference” in order to ensure that these efforts towards the Turkic World are sustainable, that contributions are made from the neighboring cultural geographies and countries, and moreover to ensure that the activities in coordination with the rest of the world are implemented at a higher level and regularly with common grounds.

Conference Sub Themes:

  • Musical Heritage (Education/ Science / Art)
  • Musical Heritage in Istanbul (Education/ Science / Art)
  • Musical Heritage in Anatolia (Education/ Science / Art)
  • Musical Heritage in the Turkic World (Education/ Science / Art)
  • Musical Heritage in World (Education/ Science / Art)

Special sub-themes for interdisciplinary presentations:
For Historical Musical Legacy

  • Archeology, Art History, Architecture
  • Musical Heritage in Old Anatolia ( Old East – Old West )
  • Musical Heritage in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
  • Musical Heritage  in Ancient Turks and Turkish World
  • Cultural Heritage from Ottoman to Republic